Shortcut Description
F1 open the introduction page of PyCAM with a browser
[CTRL] o load model file
[CTRL] s save model file
[CTRL] [Shift] s save model file with a different name
[CTRL] [Shift] e export all toolpaths to a gcode file
[CTRL] t load task settings file
[CTRL] p open preferences dialog
[CTRL] [Shift] v toggle the 3D view window
[CTRL] l toggle the log window
[CTRL] q quit the program
[CTRL] t open the font dialog window
[CTRL] z undo the latest model operation (scale, shift, rotate) up to ten times

Visualization window

Shortcut Description
Left, Down, Up, Right move the viewport
h, j, k, l same as Left, Down, Up, Right (vi-style behaviour)
[Shift] Left, Down, Up, Right (or h, j, k, l) rotate the view
+ / - zoom in and out of the view
i toggle OpenGL ligthing
m toggle polygon and line mode
s toggle OpenGL shadows
p switch between perspective and orthogonal view
1 reset view direction
2 view from front
3 view from back
4 view from left
5 view from right
6 view from top
7 view from bottom