Version 0.6.2 - ???

  • Bounds: disable percent-based controls for zero-dimensions
  • fix toolpath grid operation (issue #45)
  • prevent negative bounding box dimensions
  • additional dependency 'enum34' (only relevant for Python2)

Version 0.6.1 - 2017-03-11

  • GCode: limit vertical feedrate (maximum speed of plunge move)
  • removed experimental support for ODE
    • the ODE library seems to be not actively developed anymore
  • removed obsolete support for psyco
  • prepared code for Python3
    • Python2-only dependencies are still required
  • updated help locations (from the old wiki to the new documentation website)

Version 0.6.0 - 2017-02-18

  • greatly improved OpenGL visualization (contributed by Mattes)
  • DXF importer:
    • added bezier support for POLYLINE and LWPOLYLINE
  • modularization of most features
  • many more new features

Version 0.5.1 - 2011-06-13

  • added extrusion for 2D models
  • 2D projection of multi-layered 2D models
  • significantly improved performance of 3D visualization
  • fixed "help" links for Windows users
  • added GTK theme with a native look&feel for Windows
  • improved detection of library locations for Windows package
  • added file type associations (mime) to the debian package
  • minor bugs fixed

Version 0.5 - 2011-03-28

  • Toolpaths:
    • added adaptive positioning for DropCutter strategy (improves precision)
    • allow conventional/climb milling style for ContourFollow and Engrave strategies
    • added a very simple "pocketing" mode for 2D models
    • added toolpath cropping
    • added toolpath grid pattern: clone a single toolpath in rows and columns
    • unify DropCutter behaviour for models that are higher than the defined bounding box
    • more efficient tool moves for Engraving
  • Model handling:
    • added support for simple multi-layered 2D models
    • added 2D projection of 3D models
    • added automatic repair of inconsistent polygon winding (inside/outside detection)
    • automatically distributed support bridges can now be placed at corners or edges
  • GCode:
    • added basic support for "touch off" and length compensated tool change
    • GCode positioning precision (number of digits) is configurable
    • the default filename extension for exported GCode files is now configurable
  • Visualization:
    • changed "simulation mode" for visualizing the machine moves (before: material removal)
    • visualize toolpath moves up to safety height properly
    • the scroll wheel now behaves similarly to Inkscape's interface (pan and zoom)
    • optional visualization of toolpath direction
    • visualize "inside" polygons (holes) via partial transparency
  • Usability:
    • added a configuration setting for automatically loading a custom task settings file on startup
    • added a simple "undo" feature for reversing model manipulations
    • enabled drag'n'drop for loading models
    • visibility of 3D view items is now configurable in the 3D window
  • via a button and via the context menu
    • added copy/paste of model to and from the clipboard
  • Distributed processing:
    • parallel and distributed processing is configurable in a dialog
    • improved stability of remote processing: disconnected nodes should not cause problems anymore
  • Miscellaneous:
    • added support for single-line fonts text (based on fonts from QCAD)
    • support non-local file handling (e.g. http, ...)
    • added support for more DXF features:
  • 3D: 3DFACE
    • added support for EPS/PS contour files
    • fixed offset of SVG export
  • noteworthy changes:
    • bounding box for 2D models must be above the model (before: below or above)
    • simulation mode: the stock material removal simulation was removed

Version - 2010-10-24

  • disabled parallel processing for Windows standalone executable (a real fix will follow later)

Version 0.4 - 2010-10-19

  • use all available CPU cores for parallel processing
    • this requires at least Python 2.6 or the "python-multiprocessing" package
  • a standalone windows executable is available (experimental)
  • added an improved contour toolpath strategy (ContourFollow)
    • see
  • added options for conventional/climb milling
  • added automatic support grid distribution for contour models
  • allow to reverse the direction of a 2D contour model
  • beautification of the process name (via python-setproctitle)
  • added experimental cluster processing (server mode)
  • added G61/64 GCode settings for path precision
  • Usability:
    • added optional "orthogonal" view (instead of perspective)
    • added a "recent files" item to the file menu
    • added the transparency (alpha) component to all configurable colors
    • added "remaining time" estimation for all operations
    • pre-select output filenames of "Save as" dialogs based on the name of the model file
  • Bugs fixed:
    • SVG import: work around a bug in pstoedit (shipped with Ubuntu Lucid)
    • fixed various problems with the support grid

Version 0.3 - 2010-08-16

  • added support for importing contour paths from SVG files (requires Inkscape and pstoedit)
  • added basic support for importing simple DXF contour files
  • added support for engravings (along the lines of a contour model)
  • added a feature-complete commandline interface
  • integrated "help" links pointing to the wiki
  • improved OpenGL lighting (contributed by imyrek)
  • improved flexibility of the support grid layout:
    • allow non-square profiles for the support grid
    • added ability to create support grids with different x/y grid distance
    • added x/y offsets to support grid options
  • added 3D view movement and rotation with a keyboard in addition to the mouse
  • added optional support for the Psyco just-in-time compiler
  • information about the toolpath settings are stored as comments in GCode files
  • added a log window
  • switched default tool size from radius to diameter
  • improved progress bar responsiveness
  • fixed first movement in GCode: go up to safety height before moving to the side
  • fixed model orientation of STL files created by Art of Illusion
  • fixed performance issue when using a support grid
  • fixed empty toolpath after transforming the model
  • fixed various minor bugs of the toolpath generator
  • fixed rounded corners (see GCode G61)

Version 0.2.5 - 2010-06-10

  • added support bridges for holding the object during cutting
  • calculate the estimated machine time for each toolpath
  • changing the unit (mm/inch) now opens a dialog for scaling the model, processing dimensions or tool dimensions accordingly
  • remove unnecessary moves to safety height
  • changed name of configuration setting "overlap" to "overlap_percent" (you may need to change this name in your custom config files)

Version 0.2.4 - 2010-04-12

  • added a simple simulation mode for visualizing the material penetration of a toolpath
  • join tangential moves (removes the inner points in a colinear set of adjacent path points)
  • fixed careless import of Tkinter
  • added missing INSTALL.TXT to source package
  • fixed typo that breaks PyCAM for Python 2.6

Version 0.2.3 - 2010-04-05

  • GUI change: tool and process settings can be combined into tasks
  • store configured settings to a file in the user's home directory
  • added "material allowance" support for non-ODE calculations
  • added export of LinuxCNC tool definitions
  • added a warning dialog (GUI) for missing dependencies during startup (especially useful for Windows)
  • improved GUI for model scaling
  • allow to configure if the tool should move inside/along/around the boundary limits
  • fixed "overlap" calculation
  • prevent invalid input values (zero tool radius, ...)
  • fixed a bug that could rarely cause eternal loops of the PushCutter
  • reduced memory consumption of toolpaths for python 2.6 or above
  • disabled ODE as the default computation backend (due to this bug:

Version 0.2.2 - 2010-03-17

  • added a graphical installer for Windows (via distutils)
  • fixed broken commandline parameter "--template"
  • added workaround for ODE collision detection, that is broken under specific circumstances
  • fixed hang with PushCutter and ODE on Windows
  • fixed "division by zero" error in non-ODE mode
  • allow to disable ODE via commandline option
  • bugs fixed in cylindrical and toroidal cutter when using dropcutter on horizontal triangles
  • fixed "" for distutils packaging (contributed by Arthur Magill)

Version 0.2.1 - 2010-03-09

  • fixed code that depended on GTK 2.16 (instead of 2.12)
  • view settings "light", "shadow" and "polygon fill" are now configurable
  • documented version problems with Debian "Lenny" and Ubuntu (before "Karmic")

Version 0.2 - 2010-03-04

  • added an alternative GTK interface with additional features:
    • configurable 3D view settings: model / toolpath / axis / drill progress / frame rate / colors
    • manipulation of the model: rotation, flip, swap, scale, move
    • saving the model to an ascii STL file
    • load/save processing settings from/to a file
    • handling of multiple processing templates (e.g. "Rough", "Semi-finish" and "Finish")
    • configure "material allowance" for a minimum distance between drill and model
    • configure the "safety height" for the machine
    • allow to manage and export (gcode) multiple toolpaths at once
    • based on GtkGlExt (for OpenGL)
    • visualize invalid processing setting combinations
    • configure "overlap" instead of "lines" and "samples"
    • configure "maximum step down" instead of "layers"
    • show a progress bar during calculations
    • basic lighting for the OpenGL view
  • improved performance by (optionally) using the "Open Dynamics Engine" (ODE) for collision detection

Version 0.1.11b - 2010-02-25

  • fix minor release mistake (missing "STLExporter")

Version 0.1.11 - 2010-02-19

  • fix detection of binary STL
  • added Simulation mode
  • ignore invalid triangles (caused by high-resolotion models)
  • automatic boundary fits to the model
  • add ubuntu specific note
  • code cleanups

Version 0.1.10 - 2009-07-13

  • support binary STL
  • close contours

Version 0.1.9 - 2009-06-18

  • linux compatibility
  • integrated kdtree
  • fix speedup shortcuts

Version 0.1.8 - 2009-04-14

  • some feature requests
  • fixes by Dan Falck
  • fix bug in torus-point intersection
  • specify model in cfg
  • fixed opengl representation
  • update tests

Version 0.1.7b - 2009-02-10

  • fix glutInit bug

Version 0.1.7 - 2009-01-27

  • another try at fixing PushCutter
  • remove MGED exporter

Version 0.1.6b - 2009-01-15

  • fix save
  • follow api updates
  • fix gcode parameter strings

Version 0.1.6 - 2009-01-14

  • fix verticals intersection
  • add ContourCutter
  • guard against float division
  • add x/y direction
  • add ContourCutter
  • minor layout improvements
  • make speed configurable
  • enable command line driven operation
  • debug output
  • SVG output

Version 0.1.5 - 2008-11-26

  • add direction switch
  • add reading pre-model default values from config file
  • fix verticals in DropCutter

Version 0.1.4 - 2008-11-16

  • make tool come outside the stock while cutting
  • make safety height higher than stock

Version 0.1.3 - 2008-09-17

  • fix redraw

Version 0.1.2 - 2008-09-11

  • added unit option mm/in
  • fix coordinate system for Art of Illusion exported STL files
  • added view control buttons
  • added bounding box calculation

Version 0.1.1 - 2008-09-01

  • second release

Version 0.1 - 2008-08-29

  • initial release