Model transformations

PyCAM can help you to prepare the model for the final processing.

Screenshot of the Model tab

Rotate, Mirror, Swap

Operation Description
rotate rotate the model clockwise around a given axis
flip mirror the model against a given plane (xy, xz or yz)
swap exchange two axis of the coordinate system (e.g. exchange all x values with the corresponding y values)


Operation Description
scale resize the complete model proportionally with a given factor via an input control (as a percent value). An input of 200% doubles the size of the model. The location center of the model will be preserved.
fit dimension scale one axis to a given value (e.g. if the unit size of your modeling software is not metric). By default all axes are scaled proportionally. This can be changed via the corresponding checkbox.


Operation Description
move to origin afterwards the model should start at the center of the coordinate system pointing along the posive values of the three axes.
shift move the model along the three axes by the distances given in the three separate input controls. Negative or zero values are allowed.


Buttons referring to 2D operations are not visible if a 3D model is currently loaded (and vice versa).

Operation Description
Toggle direction reverse the direction of all lines of a 2D model
Revise direction First try to merge open polygons regardless of their directions. Secondly analyse the inside/outside relationships of all closed polygons in a 2D model. The direction of polygons with an unsuitable winding state is reversed. This usually fixes inconsistent winding combinations created by DXF/SVG export programs.
Extrude add a third dimension to a 2D model. The following parameters of the slope of the edges are configurable: shape, precision, height and width. (Read more)
2D Projection cut a 3D model at z=0. The resulting contour polygons define the new 2D model. The contour of the bottom of the model is used if the model is completely above or below z=0.
Inch → mm scale the model by the factor 25.4
mm → Inch scale the model size down with the divider 25.4