OpenSCAD is a parametric (non-interactive) 2D/3D modeller. The following hints refer to 2D modeling.

3D to 2D projection / Sectional drawing

The following example code creates a sectional drawing of a sphere at a specific z-level:

projection(cut=true) translate([0, 0, -3]) sphere(r=10);

See the OpenSCAD User Manual for details.

2D modeling

OpenSCAD supports a variety of 2D primitives. See the OpenSCAD User Manual for details.

DXF Export

OpenSCAD can export 2D models to DXF.

Sadly there are currently several limitations:

  • The latest release (2010.05) creates single lines (instead of connected line segments). This makes it hard to manipulate the DXF file with Inkscape or other vector graphic editors. The latest revision (development repository) fixed this issue.
  • Lines defining outlines and inner holes are currently drawn in the same direction (clockwise). Thus PyCAM can't distinguish between inner and outer lines for engraving offsets. You can reverse the inner lines with a vector graphics editor (e.g. Inkscape).

Both of the above issues can be easily fixed with PyCAM's Revise directions operation.